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Worship leader pens new song in response to New York abortion bill: 'Not forgotten'

Phil King, Gateway Church, NxtGen Worship, Worship Leader
Phil King, a NxtGen Worship Pastor at Gateway Church in Dallas, Texas, penned a pro-life song in light of New York state passing a new abortion law. (Courtesy of Phil King)

After Gov. Andrew Cuomo celebrated New York's new state law allowing abortions up to the point of birth in many cases, many faith leaders across the country came out against the so-called progressive legislation.

Phil King was one of them. The NxtGen Worship Pastor at Gateway Church in Dallas, Texas told the news outlets he was upset by the news of the abortion bill and was led to pray and write.

"Abortion is not a fight we can win by hating another person, we win by loving each other, by loving life," he said.

King penned the song, "Not Forgotten," with worship leaders Rita Springer and Cody Ray Lee.

"Wrote this song over the recent laws passed in New York State," King wrote in a Sunday Instagram post. "This is for all of the babies lost. We love you, we remember you, and we are fighting for you."

He said there were many tears and prayers into writing this powerful song.

"I cried a lot while writing this song," he said. "My only hope and wish is that when people hear this song and that they would be moved to love those around them like never before."

But for the Dallas-area worship leader, it's more than a song. It's about a movement.

"I especially hope that the Church would be moved when they hear this song to begin adopting babies by the thousands, to be moved to save lives and also help those who feel cornered or forced to abort a life," King said. "This is more than a song, it’s a declaration and a call to action. I believe the effect this would have on our society would completely shift our nation and God is not short on resources to turn our nation around."

Written by Caleb Parker

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