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Updated: Feb 2, 2019

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"People are waking up in America realizing that we have prioritized careers that pay the most money over careers that actually FULFILL us and tap into our God-given purpose."

WE ALL HAVE DREAMS! We all have ideas, fantasies and visions of what we want our life to look like. But sometimes we are not sure that we have what it takes to achieve them. Dreams are often formed in the imaginations of our own childhood. If those dreams are fostered correctly by the ones raising us during those impressionable years, we may find our selves partially or fully realizing those dreams.

Many of us have grown older and are finding ourselves in a place or career where we feel STUCK. That feeling is shared by over 89% of the US population according to poles. People are waking up in America realizing that we have prioritized careers that pay the most money over careers that actually FULFILL us and tap into our God-given purpose.

I truly believe that it is never to late to live the life you were chosen to live. Here are 6 steps that will help you realizing your "God Dream"

STEP 1 - You must Ask yourself - IS YOUR DREAM just an idea or is it just an AMBITION!

Have you ever wanted to do something with your life so bad that it is something you wrestle with in your head. Your insecurities come out and go to war with it. Its something that keeps you up at night. Its something you can't wait to share with the ones your respect and love. You are passionate about that something and when you are operating in it you feel fulfilled. Your dream could be your purpose and that my friend might be the different between a "God Dream" and just an ambition. Think about it!!!!


There is a scripture in the Book of Habakuk (2:2) that instructs us "To write the vision down, make it plain on tablets or (paper) , so that those that read it can run with it."

Writing down your dream or vision for your life also allows your eyes to read it and your brain to retain it so that you can actually begin to believe in it. In order for others to believe in your dream you have to be fully convinced of it. BELIEVE IN YOU!!!


Write the pros of your dream, who is your dream supposed to affect, what are the obstacles to your dream ( is it finances ) we all know dreams will take money to bring to fruition. What do you stand to benefit if you are walking full time in your dream? How will your dream effect others?

STEP 3 - Ask yourself Is your DREAM really from God?

"You can do a lot of things on your own but REAL DREAMS that are cultural changers, city and nation changers, world changers are going to be from GOD."

Have you spent time enough with God - through praying and reading his word and books that are inspirational to really HAVE THE MIND of CHRIST.

In the scripture its says " To be not conformed to the ways of this world, but be transformed by renewing your mind with the WORD! so that you will be able to know and prove the perfect will of God" Romans 12:2

So in order for you to have the "Mind of Christ" and know the will of God for your life you must meditate on his word and speak it!

That is also how FAITH comes!

“What would you attempt to do for God if you KNEW that you could not fail??

STEP 4 Ask yourself Is your DREAM BIG ENOUGH??

I’ve come up with this crazy old theory. It might be a load of junk but bear with me. I think one of the best reasons for dreaming big is because you might never get there.

If you have a mediocre, relatively easy-to-reach dream and you get there – then what? Snaps to you for actually conquering your dreams but, seriously, then what? You come up with a new dream, maybe a bigger one this time, and you reach that. Then what? Well, you keep on coming up with bigger and better dreams until one day you have an epically proportioned dream that is downright unreachable.

My answer to all this? Don’t limit yourself in the first place. Set the bar high, go all out, throw your chickens out of the basket (what?). Don’t start off on the wrong foot by limiting yourself and, ergo, your fine old life. Dreams that are bigger than you that will take faith in God and others to accomplish it are, just might be a dream worth dreaming

The SIZE of your GOD should be the size of your dream!

"Ask of Me, and I will give you the nations for your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for your possession" (Ps. 2:8)

STEP 5 Who your DREAM supposed to affect?

If it really is a dream from GOD Realize that it will take other people to fulfill your dream. No dream on earth is meant to be completed by 1 person.

Just like the old saying that “it takes a village to raise a child” it will take a group to fullfill your dream. It will take:

-People who are willing to commit to your vision

(thats why it is important to right it down)

- People who will sow into your vision

( it takes money to make anything happen)

- People to walk out your vision with you.

How are you going to include people in your vision?


What are you doing to prepare to fulfill your dream , are you in school, are you buying books on how to accomplish your dream? Listen if God is going to trust you with big things, he wants to know that you are knowledgable enough in that field to be able to handle it.

People today follow those and only those


You may need to take a class or return to school to get the education to fulfill your dream. Or you may just need to visit your local Barnes & Nobles and pick up the "how to " books needed to learn your craft or enhance your skill set. Anyway you look at -

You must become the Guru of your own Dream!

Make it happen!

These are the things you need to put in place at the very beginning of your DREAM. To all of my CREATIVES OUT THERE…..Dont make anymore excuses of why you cannot fulfill your dream. Find out what you are passionate about and LIVE IT OUT!

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed it!

Dream Big - or stay in bed!

Richard Tomas

The Intentional Leader

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