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"That night with complete agreement from the leadership gathered The Worship Culture was birthed.

- A Network of Leaders Uniting a Nation of Worshippers"

Here in 2016, we as a society stand on the edge of the "cultural oblivion". With pressure mounting from every possible angle, implosion seems inevitable. Mega churches line our street corners, while political agenda, hate crimes and utter chaos fills our television. The music and film industry keep marching to the hedonistic, godless, self-worshipping drumbeat while our own pulpits are filled with powerless messages of self improvement stitched together by political correctness. Yet in this moment there is a shifting in our atmosphere. An unusual light is dawning. 

In the summer of 2015 while standing behind the curtain waiting to mount another platform to lead worship, watching the service countdown on the big screens above, it seemed like time stood still as I clearly heard the spirit of God say "Your basin of oil cannot be moved" . Now at the time I did not have a clue of what He was referring to,  but all I was thinking about was having a great service and "knocking it out of the park" vocally........ After all this was my job right?? (Just being transparent - dont judge!! ) As the band played on, the singers lifted there voices  and I raised my head and hands to feel his presence and annointing as I had in times past only to sense a vast emptiness and lonliness as I have never felt. 1 week later I stepped down from my position and began on a journey that would introduce me to destiny.   


I learned through this process that sometimes when we become too comfortable in our position, God will remove himself completely and allow you to feel the deep hunger pangs inside before your CHANGE shows up introducing you to DESTINY.  In the following months God began to reveal himself to me as he showed me the state of the church and what I saw literally shook me to the core. To put in nice terms.....I saw a dismembered body with severed limbs, all of which once held vitality now turning colors as rigamortis began to set and death was pronounced.


Churches seemed to be competing all across the nation seperated by doctrinal beliefs and denominations, building large edafices  filled with spiritually malnourished people. The miracles and power of God were greatly diminished and secular society looks on with disdain instead of wonder and awe. 


Early in January 2016 God spoke again, yet this time I was to turn back and unite the leadership of his body, from pastors and worship directors to lay ministers and volunteers. To encourage them to lay down doctrinal ropes and idealogies that once severed for the sound of unity. The sound of genuine worship!


As the summer approached I reached out to many of the worship leaders around Atlanta to come together for a night of un-hindered worship. No audiences. No platforms.......Just worship. What transpired that evening was fortunately captured on camera as we partnered with a local media production company (Paul Patrick Films) and audio recording (Blue Herring Entertainment).  As we gathered in the living room of my family's home.... my spirit was stirred again. One of the leaders (Melody Holdman) begin to sing a song called "Come to the River" and God spoke........


I begin to see in a clear vision , a large golden basin filled with oil on a pedastool. Below the pedastool was a dry and barren ground, cracked from the heat as far as the eye could see. I stood against the basin trying desperately to push it over so that it would replenish the earth, however I could not move it. I looked up to the heavens crying for help and God instructed me to look at the parimeter around me.  As I turned I witnessed a mass sea of people from every walk of life,  from every denomination linked together moving towards the basin. The song of heaven was on there lips as the sound of praise filled the air and they began to push. The resistance of the basin could not withstand the power there unity. Suddenly as the basin began to topple and the oil was spilled. Signs and wonders showed up as the earth experienced supernatural healing.

That night i understood what God had spoken to me almost 1 year prior regarding "my basin not being moved" - It is the power of our unity that commands the annointing to be released and God's kingdom to be established.

With complete agreement from the leadership gathered THE WORSHIP CULTURE was birthed.  - "A Network of Leaders Uniting a Nation of Worshippers"

Dear friends, there is a sound that is coming in the earth that will shake the foundations of every exalted thing until all comes to rest at feet of Jesus Christ.

I am excited about the future of this vision as we launch in the fall. This is not church as usual, this is not even a ministry. Its a resource to the body of christ as we knock down the walls and spill the power of God over into our city streets and onto the nation. The time is now. Join the movement. 

Much Empowerment and Blessing!

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