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In a day that needs the “glory” of God to be revealed, and we know that Scripturally the “glory” comes through our worship, unity is needed now more than ever.  Since we know that each believer is the 

“container” of the presence of the Lord  “Christ in you, the hope of glory”, and true worship releases that “glory”, the time is ripe for this ministry.

As a minister of the gospel for over 40 years; Pastor, Missionary and now Leadership Coach, I have witnessed what happens when the “glory” comes and almost without exception, it has come through spirit-anointed worship. I have watched in large open-air crusades in Africa, the “glory” come as the singers begin the lift of His name.  The pattern is usually, the worshippers welcome the “glory” – the Devil shows up to hinder and is cast out, then miracles start happening even before the Word is preached, - It is then that hearts are open for salvation.  The Biblical 

pattern of “worship and in spirit and Truth” happens every time we unite in worship. You will want to be a part of this move of God as we 

approach the final era of history.  



 "The Worship Culture exists as a passion to unite leaders with the purpose to advance the cause of Christ and His Kingdom through worship.  It is also a way to bridge the gap between worship leaders and lead pastors of congregations.  Often worship leaders seem disconnected from each other, and sometimes it becomes a competitive environment between them.  Often there is friction between worship pastors and lead pastors as to who’s agenda prevails. As Worship Culture succeeds, it will be a big factor in unifying church leaders and magnifying the Father!! " -Richard Tomas 


With 15 years in ministry serving in the Music & Creative arts of various churches,  recording 2 albums and developing a creative branding company here in the Atlanta area, Richard was given the vision to start a network of creative leaders and artists that would focus on unifying the Body of Jesus Christ using the full artistic expression of worship. He serves the Network as the Creative Director and Principle Worship Leader.



Melody Holman serves as Administrative Director one of the Principle Worship Leaders of The Worship Culture. Her experience in the music industry as a recording artist and her amazing songwriting abilities lends as a valuable asset as she heads up the songwriting department of The Worship Culture in 2017.



The Bagby's serve as 2 of the founding members of the network. As a licensed CPA Andre fills the position on the Worship Culture board as the Treasurer. With many years of singing on worship teams and cultivating her own style of leadership that focuses on the emotional and mental side of "Healthy Leadership" Jennifer serves as one of our Principal Worship Leaders.




Lisa Basnight Reid currently serves as one of the Principle Worship Leaders and songwriters at the Worship Culture Network. On Sunday Lisa acts as Worship Pastor for Living Life Worship Center in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia.  She volunteers time mentoring young unwed mothers through the struggles of life based on her life experiences.  Lisa is an accomplished vocalist, songwriter and author.  Her passion centers around the leading and teaching of praise and worship, as those were the values passed onto her by late parents, Bishop Kelly and  Carrie Basnight. Lisa is the devoted wife of Dexter A. Reid, Sr. and mother of a  blended family of 5 grown children, 2 grandchildren.

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